List comparison & matching operations Tool

With the online list operations tool you can quickly and easily compare two lists or arrays, find their intersections, subtract one list from the other, extract similar / unique or different contents and of course deduplicate the lines, line by line, as well. I used this tool mainly for matching hash-values, as you can create them with the salted sha256 hash generator. But also for other list-comparisons like email-lists or arrays of any kind it is a blessing and saves a lot of time!
Mind, this tool is for comparing two lists online and not for comparing, matching, joining tables online. I will release such a table operatings tool in the near future. This kind of tool will also give you a simple, feasible insight of some functions and methods of a data clean room. You will also, then, use it for smaler datasets and assign matching keys online. Please stay tuned you'll find it soon in the tools section;)

This online lists operations tool is safe because the magic only happens in your browser and not on a server!

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Simply copy / paste or load the lists to be compared into a box and select the desired function.

First List (A)

Second List (B)

Merge lists. Subtract list B from list A.
Find intersection of the lists. Subtract list A from list B.
Subtract only the first match for each item. Remove all identical items.
Perform actions in a case-sensitive way.